Brynja Bachem-Jennings (aka Niame Scrawls) is a Nova Scotian artist/writer with a deep passion for storytelling. She has extensive skills in writing, having been taught both academic and narrative writing in university. Her experience in writing includes  essays, scripts, storyboards and she is currently writing two webnovels. 
Brynja has strong artistic abilities, having worked as a self taught digital artist for nearly nine years and graduated from an accredited fine arts university. She is a quick learner, and has taught herself a wide variety of skills such as 3D printing, game design, and drone photography, as well as programs such as Clip Studio,  Adobe Suite and Unreal Engine 5.
NSCAD University, Halifax — Bachelor of Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary Arts
September 2017 - May 2022​​​​​​​

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